Quarkus Quickstart

18.06.2021 - QAware Engineering Camp 2021 - Language: DE

Since 2019, there has been a new star in the enterprise Java sky: Quarkus. In order to outrun the proven frameworks such as Java EE or Spring, many things are done differently here. “Container First” and “Reactive” are the two buzzwords with which Quarkus enters the race. Built entirely on the reactive platform “Vert.x”, Quarkus applications are supposed to be built completely differently than before.

In this talk we will learn about some concepts of Quarkus - e.g. Reactive Everything with Mutiny and Vert.x, Web Services with RestEasy or simple database access with Panache. We look at how to compile Quarkus applications to a native binary with GraalVM.

We also take a quick look at the performance and production readiness of Quarkus. It has to prove itself in comparison with JEE app servers that have been used for years under various conditions. This will allow us to assess whether the system is mature enough for customer use.