Hi there! My name is Franz. I’m a Software Engineer from Germany - and this is my tiny website.


I finished my master’s degree in computer science at TH Rosenheim.

For a living, I work as a Software Engineer at QAware in Munich. When talking to me, you might notice my inner IT security enthusiast. I’m also concerned about privacy and data protection.

Other skills involve operating Kubernetes Clusters or using Kali Linux for penetration testing.

I love giving talks about various topics regarding my profession. I’m discussing random thoughts about computer science, programming, security etc. in my blog.

On a completely unrelated note, I have a soft spot for photography.

Latest blog posts

I’m discussing random thoughts about computer science, programming, security etc. in my blog.

Running Pixelflut in a restricted network

13.05.2023 | Infrastructure | Pixelflut Network Firewall SSH

The last week, our company organized their annual internal education conference where we reside at a conference hotel and learn from each other with talks, workshops, and so on. For entertainment, I wanted to set up Pixelflut (English: Pixelflood), an application where participants can send single pixels via a network to a publicly viewable projector. Here is how I bypassed some restrictions of the hotel network.

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These are some things I know (at least a little). Obviously, there's even more I don't know anything about...

Software Engineering

I work with various things like Java EE and Payara Server. Because today everything runs in the cloud, I’m familiar with Docker and OpenShift / Kubernetes.


Experience in setting up, running and securing Linux servers, git, writing bash scripts and pentesting. Developed apps for Android in Java and web apps with PHP and node.js.


I just love taking photos of various things or shooting portraits of people. You can check out my gallery on this website.


Instructor proficiency certificate (AdA), held several tutorials for programming lectures at university and introduced a group of new students to university as part of the “study start program”.

Showcase projects

This is a short collection of projects I maintain. Enjoy!

The Neinhorn

Written as a showcase to illustrate a talk about Quarkus and asynchronous programming, the Neinhorn service displays metrics regarding the current coronavirus pandemic.

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Ever tried to call an old 32bit DLL from a 64bit process? Not possible. LegacyWrapper uses a wrapper executable to call legacy DLLs and allows cross-architecture loading. It is written entirely in C# (.NET).

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In my blog, I write about programming, software, and IT security.

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This website respects your privacy.

This is a static website built with Hugo, for performance, security and privacy.

Aggressive ads, sneaky scripts hosted by clingy CDNs or toxic trackers - not on this site.

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