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Running Pixelflut in a restricted network

13.05.2023 | Infrastructure | Pixelflut Network Firewall SSH

The last week, our company organized their annual internal education conference where we reside at a conference hotel and learn from each other with talks, workshops, and so on. For entertainment, I wanted to set up Pixelflut (English: Pixelflood), an application where participants can send single pixels via a network to a publicly viewable projector. Here is how I bypassed some restrictions of the hotel network.

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LegacyWrapper 2.1 is out!

20.08.2017 | Programming | .NET C# Legacy Wrapper

Today, I released version 2.1 of my NuGet package LegacyWrapper. It comes with a major enhancement regarding the cross-architecture loading of DLLs: It is now possible to load 64bit DLLs from a 32bit process:

1using (var client = new WrapperClient(TestDllPath, TargetArchitecture.Amd64))
3    result = (int)client.Invoke<TestStdCallDelegate>("TestStdCall", new object[] { input });

As the second constructor parameter is optional and defaults to X86, the new release should be fully backwards compatible.

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