This website respects your privacy.

As I’m easily annoyed by websites violating my privacy, I decided to build this website free of any tracking “features”. Let me briefly explain what I won’t do to you on my site:

Web activity tracking (a.k.a. “Analytics”)

On my old website, I used a web analytics software to see how many users read my blog articles. But for my small site, web analytics won’t bring me any benefits. And as an important point, they violate your privacy. If I want to know how many of you read my blog, I would simply look at my access logs, which don’t track you all the way long. And if you like my site and want to tell me, simply send me a mail.

Loading fonts or scripts from other servers (a.k.a. “Content Distribution”)

While it may seem convenient to get all your fonts and scripts hosted by a (unknown) content delivery network (CDN), it also violates the privacy of your users. As Tim Wambach pointed out at MRMCD 2016, your browser sends the address of the referring site (mine) to the CDN servers. In other words: They know your every action on the internet.

On this website, all scripts, styles and fonts are hosted on the same server.

Violating your privacy or security in total (a.k.a. “Advertisements”)

As showing ads on your website may be a convenient way to earn money, it also exposes your visitors to major security risks and violations of their privacy. If I’d embed ads with an ad network on my site, I would have zero control over what content gets displayed and - even worse - what kind of code (and with code, I mean malware) gets executed in your browser. For security reasons (and others), I’m a happy user of ad blockers myself, and I won’t display ads on this site. If you want to support me, you can "buy me a beer", though ;)

Letting others snoop around in your surfing activities (a.k.a. “Unencrypted Websites”)

I still see a lot of unencrypted (non-HTTPS) connections to websites and apps around. With the rise of free Let’s Encrypt certificates, there isn’t any excuse left for letting others spy into your user’s internet connections (see my blog post for more details). Therefore, this website offers an HTTPS certificate throughout your visit.