Consistency, Availability and Partition Tolerance in Practice - A deep dive into CockroachDB

Most IT systems rely on some sort of persistent storage. This problem has been solved a long time ago and market niches seem to be satisfied. In this field, CockroachDB declares itself to be “resilient, horizontal scale across multiple clouds with always-on availability and data partitioned by location”. Because databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL already offer high availability features, we will discuss if there is a need for new HA database at all.

We learn about features, up- and downsides, distribution and resiliency of CockroachDB. CockroachDB can be used with a PostgreSQL driver, which enables existing projects to use it out of the box. We will examine if this really is that easy and which obstacles you might need to overcome.

Also, we will have a look if CockroachDB is consistent, available and partition tolerant at the same time, like they claim on their website.